Overturning Roe v. Wade Can’t Overturn Truth! (and everything you learned about fertility is a lie)

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Let’s start with the fundamental understanding that certain things may be true—as in really happening, but that does not make them True. True, with a capital, is Truth. And truth is always uplifting humanity, never attached to prejudice, hatred, subjection or the passing fads of culture, religion, politics or personality.

So while it may be true that the SCOTUS has overturned Roe. v. Wade making a reality for people that is devastating, desecrating and a profound human rights violation, that does not mean it is True that you don’t have dominion over your body. Let’s think about this very clearly.

Consider the fact that every day women are beaten by men in acts of horrific domestic violence. The men who beat them may tell them they are worthless, pathetic, and deserve what’s happening to them. But no matter how many times an abuser may say that or how much abuse they perpetrate, it NEVER makes those things true. Never. Not ever.

Whether a “court” deems something illegal does not in Truth remove a fundamental, native, inviolable right. The existence of erroneous, pathological beliefs is not how Truth is created.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the Princess and the Pea. Remember that story? How at the bottom of all those mattresses was a tiny little pea and it kept the princess from sleeping well?

That was one smart princess. She understood that no matter how much cushioning the world gave her, or how it padded it’s lies, there was something, a real something, at the bottom of all the bullshit and it wasn’t right.

The tiny pea at the bottom of all these laws, made and unmade, battles fought and won and lost, is a very fertile lie. It’s a lie about fertility itself.

Our culture believes in fertility as relating exclusively to sperm/egg/uterus/reproduction/human baby creation. It is something we control, manage, and learn about from doctors and other professionals who somehow have knowledge we lack. Women get it when they bleed and lose it when they menstruate. Men have it and get to do whatever they want without it.

A womb. Defined by her eggs.

In this version of fertility, the womb is an object, a possession and those with a uterus are raised with shame, confusion and ignorance about their bodies, bodes that, for the most part, belong to other people.

For most of human history, our ancestors revered fertility. They worshipped and celebrated fertility. It was what brought them food, children, water, light, energy, community, life. That we have forgotten the truth about fertility has many causes. I’m not going to go into all of that in this post. More important is the restoration of that word. Fertility is life.

Fertility is expressed in infinite ways. From it springs forth sexuality, creativity, reproduction, invention, production of all kinds, abundance and plenty. By definition fertility requires freedom. That is its very nature. 

Fertility is Life, or life-force might be a better term. It is an unbounded, unfettered, unconstrained and wild component each of us possesses in an unalterable way. It is our spiritual nature, that inside of us which most closely resembles the Creator. God. All that is. The Great Spirit.

And that’s where the big lie comes in. Nothing comes closer to reflecting God, who made everything, than making a person. God first made people. You can check that out in Genesis. And the next people making came out of a woman. Woman, the one with the womb, most closely resembles Creator.

Jealousy and envy are closely guarded and unconscious in the minds and hearts of those who overturned Roe v. Wade. So hidden are these deeply-rooted poisonous plants of the mind, that they would never admit to them. Womb-envy, whether it’s spoken of or not, has dominated the mental mindset of the past thousands of years.

Restoration takes the form of reversing our belief about fertility. Those without a uterus have fertility. They have power, creativity, sexuality and abundance. Acts of removing those qualities from others only serves to diminish the fertility of all. Because, fertility IS life.

The spiritual answer for this cultural moment requires a return to a theology and spirituality that has fertility at its heart. That, at its heart, restores all people back to their original form. A man is not a person missing a womb. A woman not a person missing a penis. We are not an absence of what the other has. Life force rests in all expressions of the human form. To those who give-birth, honor, reverence and restitution. Every time we dishonor a person with a womb, we damage all people for ALL people come from the womb.

I have said this many times before and will continue. The Mother, the Divine Mother, The Great Mother, Mother God MUST be a primary experience of spirituality for all people in order for the lie to be dissolved. She must show up on Instagram and Facebook and in casual conversation. It is our consciousness that needs changing and in changing it we will return to the Truth that sets us all free.

Our Mother, Who art in haven,

Hallowed be thy name.

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