The Spirituality Kitchen Cookbook



Recipes for the Good Life


Love, peace, patience and butter. That's the recipe.

Sam, a really mediocre cook but a really good story teller, brings you into her kitchen for life-changing recipes as she mixes up stories, humor and spiritual wisdom that’s as accessible and useful as the kitchen sink. Forget emotional eating, these recipes will actually fill you with nourishment for your spirit and soul.

Based on her YouTube channel, The Spirituality Kitchen, you’ll find recipes with lots of invisible ingredients—the best kind—and find out how to make Devotion Bread, Spiritual Practice Pie, and Love Muffins, among many others. Each recipe unfolds a relatable, real and uplifting story drawn from the challenges of the spiritual path.

She’ll also teach you how to create your own one-of-a-kind ingredients like RBG Power Powder and Forgiveness Tea.

What if all you have in your cupboard one day is fear? She’ll teach you how to take any ingredient and boil it down to it’s useful parts.

This is spirituality made infinitely practical. And it's the spiritual food you probably really didn't get in your mother's kitchen. But it's never too late to start cooking up some food for the good life.

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My oldest daughter and I had the most fun brainstorming what kind of themed YouTube channel I could make to “preach some sermons” without ever preaching at all. Together we dreamed up the idea of the Spirituality Kitchen, probably because we both spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I cook for seven people most nights and bake as often as I can. My daughter bakes several times a week. Nothing makes her happier than putting together a delicious treat to share with her family which means she’s replaced me as the resident baker.

The kitchen is also the most spiritual place in the house. The place where transformation happens—noodles change from hard to soft, water boils for tea, a few ingredients become a delicious stew. It’s the place where you have to do something every day (like spirituality), over and over again. And it’s the place you go to when you really need something: water, food, warmth, and for my kids, a hug.

All of the children have come on board as YouTube consultants, giving me advice on how to build my channel, edit my videos better, and become a sensAtion. It’s actually some of the most fun I’ve had, to dream up imaginary ingredients and think about how every cooking show I’ve ever seen could actually become a spiritual lesson.

Playful, irreverent, and full of reverence for the gifts of life. My kitchen is always open! Come and visit me there.


For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place we go to for nourishment, comfort, sustenance and connection. In my house, we’re in the kitchen more than any other room, searching for a treat, sauteing up some vegetables grown in our backyard garden, or mixing up a birthday cake. We start the morning with warm tea and oatmeal with water boiled on the stove and end it with popcorn made in our air popper. For many people, nothing says love as much as the kitchen, so what better place to come for all of our other needs, the needs of our hearts and minds and spirits?

The Spirituality Kitchen is a place full of comforts for your spirit, sustenance for your soul and nourishment for your heart. Some days you’ll stop by and enjoy a short, stress-reducing, laughter-provoking yoga class where the yoga prop is a spatula. Some days you’ll learn to fold napkins while doing the Buddhist prayer of lovingkindness. In hard times, you’ll get to make up Survival Stew—but first make sure to gather up your patience. You’ll need four cups.

No matter what spiritual journey you’ve embarked upon, no matter what walk of faith you’re ambling down, no matter what words you use for your experiences, the Spirituality Kitchen will speak to you. Because spirituality is actually as simple, ordinary and useful as the kitchen itself, as edifying, life-giving and vital as the food we eat. This cookbook will become a trusted companion as you go along your life’s path. It answers many of the spiritual seekers questions: how DO we actually become more patient? What if you CAN’T forgive the people who have hurt you? How do you feel less fear? And what’s for dinner?

Look inside and you will find:

What To Put In Your Pantry

Five Cookbooks To Have On Your Shelf

Emergency Kitchen Yoga Poses (anyone can do)

How To Fold A Napkin (for World Peace)

As well as Recipes for:

Patience Pudding

Pandemic Survival Homestyle Stew

Devotion Bread

Love Muffins

Empty Cupboard Casserole

Forgiveness Frittata

Among many others