Spiritual Teaching, Mentorship and Support

Have you been wanting to dive deeper into your practice? Go farther in your spiritual life? Heal your heart or find ease in your body? Empower your mothering? Accelerate your yoga practice?

I specialize in practical spirituality you can use right away. When I work with individuals, what I offer makes an immediate difference in a concrete way. Emotional healing happens all the time through spiritual practice. It’s one of the most efficient and powerful ways to heal, and making this kind of healing accessible and available is the work of the spiritual teacher. But the coach or mentor doesn't share HER healing. All healing comes from the Source.

I work with people from all paths and traditions as well as those who have no path or tradition. All the words are good for me: Spirit, Higher Power, Mystery, Universe, Allah, Buddha, Light, Goodness, Great I Am. My joy is to help people on THEIR path, not to get anyone onto MY path. That said, I’m always transparent about my own experiences, training and background that inform my perspective. Feel free to ask LOTS of questions.

In my practice, I am currently focused on one-on-one practices in two formats: Spiritual coaching and spiritual mentorship. Coaching is done occasionally; mentorship is a longer-term relationship. I strongly believe that every single yoga teacher ought to have a spiritual mentor, though this rarely happens. And every spiritual seeker ought to have a spiritual mentor. I also believe that every single MOTHER ought to have a spiritual mentor. This is, in fact, the original model for spiritual growth, mostly lost in our modern times. But when we have it, it accelerates our growth ten-fold.

Mentorships & Coaching

Spiritual coaching is a short-term revolution in how you think about yourself, your problems and your life. It's like climbing a mountain with a friend and getting an entirely different view. It's not counseling; it's inviting Spirit into the work of your life so it doesn't feel so much like work. Mentoring is a long-term relationship that transforms on the deepest levels. Chances are you have never experienced anything quite like it!

I specialize in coaching mothers, yoga practitioners, spiritual seekers and people of progressive faith. Whatever is going on for you, in you home life, in your body, or with your heart, coaching is an effective, efficient, powerful way to move yourself higher. Using a spiritual perspective and a method of inquiry, we can discover together and usually very quickly, the way forward for healing. It’s a unique method that draws on yogic principles and spiritual counseling.

Who gets coached? Sometimes a person with a chronic physical project who wants to use yoga and spiritual discernment to figure out what’s going on and heal. Sometimes a person going through a major life challenge, like a divorce, and wants to move forward in a big-picture way. Sometimes a person who feels like life is asking for something different from them but they don’t know how to get there. We meet either in person or via phone for 1-5 sessions spaced out in any way you like.

Spiritual mentoring is the gold standard in spiritual practice. It used to be that mentorship or spiritual direction was required for anyone on a serious spiritual path or engaging in spiritual work (like a yoga teacher). Of course it's wonderful to read books, have friends to help us, therapists to listen, and on-going trainings, but mentorship brings us into a model of connection, unity and relationship that truly opens and heals the heart and directs our steps like nothing else. Imagine going to medical school and not doing a residency! Or becoming a plumber without an apprenticeship. The guidance we receive in mentorship brings us home to ourselves and to our Source, never away from it, and it offers a space and place unlike anything else you can find.

I mentor mothers. I mentor yoga practitioners. I mentor spiritual seekers. I mentor people of progressive faith. Mentoring is a powerful, life-changing relationship. Think of it like an apprenticeship of the spiritual kind. If you feel called to this work, called to deep dive in your life, I encourage you to reach out to me. I always talk freely to people first to make sure that we are "made" to work together!

The first step for either mentoring or coaching is to contact me.There is no charge to have this conversation and if it seems like a good fit, then we will arrange a session time or a mentoring schedule.

How can I help you?

Please visit the Shop to see what's available for coaching and mentorship. Sliding-scale options are available to those who need.


“Sam helped me with an old injury to my neck…She gave me a yoga regimen for home and just days later my neck feels sooo much better. I can't recommend her enough. I love how she incorporates mind-body connection into all of her work. Thank you, Sam!!”

“I am 92. I’ve been schooled in religion my whole life. I heard something in your sermon I’ve never heard before. Usually sermons go in the eyes and out the ears when you read them. Not yours. What you said excited me.” —RL

“Thank you for the richness that you bring to our lives. I have such a special place for you in my heart."

“Sam has a natural ability to understand people in a very deep and meaningful way and her knack for reading a couple right away is uncanny. She is quite gifted in being able to recognize and describe a person’s strengths. She then takes her ridiculously spot on observations and weaves together a beautiful ceremony that highlights how each individual’s strengths makes the couple stronger together. The best word I can use to describe her is authentic. With Sam, you get the Real Deal. I would highly recommend her, especially if you want a meaningful ceremony that you will learn from and always remember."

“Thank you so very much for creating a wonderful wedding ceremony!!! We really loved it, as did our guests!"
— L&G

“Thank you again for your presence, your groundedness, your support, encouragement, guidance. We feel very blessed to have been in your care. Thank you for being you."

“Sam has not only been a gift to our family during times of celebration but she has also been one of the first people we call upon during difficult times to ask her to hold us in her heart and keep us in her prayers. She is truly gifted in her spiritual work with families."

“I have followed Sam all over the Valley. She has been my guru, inspiration, and source of spirituality for 5 years. Time in her presence gives me peace, her class gives me joy.
I am ever so grateful.”