Wilde nature weaving cropped

Through the Wilde Sisterhood, I share my Mother-Nature and Mother-Love. It is a woven tapestry, with threads of different color, density and type representing the different members and the various and diverse sources of inspiration we draw from. Its “warp” or foundation, the base and ground, is the Great Mother archetype. Its goal is to awaken the Great Mother archetype within ourselves and our world. But not in just any way, in a way at once playful and powerful.

And where there is great violence in the world, you will have the archetype of the Great Mother that has gone underground or been violated. 

--Alice Walker

This work is personally transformative and globally urgent.

And it is for me and for you.

The Wilde Sisterhood is:

*magically playful, socially powerful

*Serious and joyful community

*working to awaken mystery, magic and the mystical that has no dogma

*creating connection with like-minded souls like you

*dismantling the patriarchy

—so that our hearts and our world are a more balanced, alive, and harmonious place

It exists online and in-person. It’s open to all.

What comes with membership?

For about $11 a month, with yearly membership, you'll come into the magic, power, and play of the Wilde Sisterhood. What does that mean? It means you'll get:

  • a weekly Wilde Sisterhood email containing links to curated resources, original audio or video material, inspiration, invitations and Wilde propositions to contemplate
  • Free entrance to a monthly meditation, the first Tuesday of each month from 11:30-noon. This guided meditation/visualization is centering, anchoring and healing.
  • Access to a free bi-monthly listening and sharing circle, available via zoom and in person. Here is chance to connect, be heard, get inspired by others, find community and receive inspiration.
  • Exclusive invites to quarterly workshops, events, retreats, gatherings and magical events. Each of these special gatherings is for members of the Wilde Sisterhood only and they are powerful!
  • The chance to do an Initiation intensive with Sam. Over a period of months, this mentorship journey will enliven, focus, clarify and support your unfolding into greater aliveness, compassion and power.

You get to do as much or as little as you like in the Wilde Sisterhood, that’s part of its beauty. There are no requirements.