Gathering of Mothers, June 6, 2021


This year via Zoom, Sunday June 6, 3-5:30 p.m., experience a powerful transformation in your relationship to your mothering.

Mother is a power, an archetype. We have separated ourselves from the alchemical, foundational gifts of motherhood.

The Gathering of Mothers is: A yoga practice, meditation and community gathering to return to the Mother-Source and the Mother-Force. It is open to ALL interested in expressing mother qualities and reclaiming the soulful practice of mothering–regardless of how you may or may not identify as a mother.

The truth is, none of us are capable of being the kinds of mothers we long to be. No matter how many books we read, parenting classes we buy, or techniques we try. Motherhood is an invitation to deepen our spiritual practice. In fact, motherhood IS a spiritual practice. We need not simply tools for time-outs, we need tools for time-in with the Divine Power of Motherhood itself, that archetypal energy that is both within us and around us. When we sit in that presence, we awaken ourselves to a fundamentally more alive, supported, strengthened, easeful experience of mothering—that we both give AND receive.

When you take the deep dive that happens in our gathering, you will go inside yourself, through yoga, meditation, fellowship, writing and conversation, to find the Great Mother. This indwelling presence CAN be and has been called by many names but it matters that we experience it as the Mother-Power because mother’s have been demeaned, disempowered, discounted and invalidated by our culture. It is radical, necessary and revelatory to relate to the indwelling divine as the Great Mother.

Join me for an experience unlike any you’ve had before. ALL who are called to expressing mother qualities are welcome. Once you register, you will be sent the Zoom link. I look forward to practicing with you!


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