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Curated Resources Session 12

Enjoy an exploration on weaving destiny.

Coming Alive Playsheet

The Coming Alive PlaySheet is live! Click above to open and make sure to DOWNLOAD to fill it in and keep. Or you could print it out (which is really best) and fill it out.

Curated Resources Session 11

For our session on LIFE!

Curated Resources Session 10

Learning about deep, bright rest.

Curated Resources Session 9

An exploration on getting fierce!

Curated Resources Session 8

Click and begin to explore!

Curated Resources Session 7

Enjoy these magical connections!

Curated Resources, Session 6

A whole world awaits! Click the words above and take a journey.

 Session 5, Curated Resources

Click here to enter a world of awakening!

Session 4, Curated Resources

Click the words above and journey to new possibilities.

Session 3, Curated Resources 

Click the words above and soak up the beauty, wisdom and aliveness.

 Session 2, Curated Resources

Click the words above to enter your time of reading, watching, listening and exploring.

The Root, the foundations, Curated Resources, 


Click the words above to enter a wonderful time of reading, watching, thinking and exploring.