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December 13, 7:30-8:30 p.m. EST

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We can’t just fight the patriarchy. We must BECOME the antidote.

Come for this FREE webcast and explore ideas about how to raise up and draw down the archetype of the Great Mother in the service of liberation.

Come if you are: a deep thinker, a creative feminist, a woman looking for richer meaning, an activist after more soul and sustenance, and all those who want to find a way to come more alive AND make a more alive world.

Don't forget to explore The Sacred Order of the Great Mother to learn more about Sam's work and this revolutionary community.

We'll look at how our culture has erased the powerful Great Mother archetype completely.

The effects of her erasure are manifold, but some are:
*devaluing of mothers and motherhood
*inability to make peace with our own mothers
*feelings of frustration in feminist endeavors
*lack of fruitfulness, creativity, productivity or energy in our own lives, in our sexuality, in art/creation/crafting *all the effects of the destructive patriarchy including violence, sexual violence, oppression of women, unequal pay, and so on.

Your host is author and Yale trained theologian Samantha Wilde, founder of The Sacred Order of the Great Mother, and creator of The Fertile Feminist podcast as well as master yoga teacher, spiritual mentor and mother of five.

See you for an hour of energizing, thought-provoking, enlivening conversation.