reaching for the light at massmoca

Just reaching for the light.

I am a weaver.

A weaver of fabric. A weaver of words. A weaver of healing.

 I have always been a fundamentally interdisciplinary person.

I am Yale trained feminist liberation theologian, practitioner of yoga from the age of 9,

twenty year Kripalu teacher, progressive ordained Interfaith minister,

author of 3 books

and mother of six.

Here are five of my kids! Updated picture to come!

In all my work, I draw from radically diverse sources, however, through my devotion to mothering, I have awakened to the archetype of the Great Mother alive within myself and within the world.

I find my heart best expressed through the beauty and aliveness of weaving.

If you are looking for a more traditional bio:

I graduated: From Smith College with highest honors in English.

From Yale Divinity School with a Masters in Religion, studying feminist liberation theology with renowned theologian Letty Russell.

From The New Seminary with an ordination as an interfaith minister.

From The Kripalu School of Yoga as a certified yoga teacher.

I’ve published two novels with Bantam Books.

I’ve self-published a collection of my sermons.

I am a student of the Saori style of weaving.

I am an intuitive weaver of cloth, clothing, wearable art, tapestries and wall hangings. 

I’ve taught thousands and thousands of yoga classes, retreats and workshops.

I’ve officiated at dozens of weddings.

I’ve preached hundreds of sermons.

I’ve served in the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ.

I served countless individuals outside of any tradition as a spiritual counselor, teacher and mentor.

And, I’ve given birth to six totally amazing children! I live in Western Massachusetts in an old farmhouse with my incredible spouse, Tommy, all those beautiful children, two dogs, one cat, two goats and lots and lots of laundry.