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I'm so glad you're here.

What I have learned is how to be the midwife to the desires of my own heart. Which is the best qualification for serving as midwife for others in bringing forth what they long for. And it is why I am here.

As a Yale trained feminist liberation theologian, practitioner of yoga from the age of 9, twenty year Kripalu teacher, and progressive ordained Interfaith minister, I have spent my whole adult life dedicated to the path of liberation. After a challenging divorce and the loss of a baby in my new marriage, I came to a point where not even the tools I had used my whole life could help me. The revelation that came to me through that time of suffering and struggle synthesized my work, bringing deep realizations and new understandings and birthing the Fertile Feminist and my Great Mother work.

From my very earliest memories, I longed to become a mother. What is a mother in a culture that does not value them? There was much work for me to do, both internally and externally.

Giving birth to and mothering my children has taught me tremendously about what it means to love, to create, to grow strong, to become flexible. To be alive. To be fertile. It is from my own longing for them that so much about myself, life, and truer meaning, has been revealed to me. They are my deepest teachers.

Through my devotion to mothering, I have awakened to the archetype of the Great Mother alive within myself and within the world.

I teach, work, share, support and write from this source and connection that each of us may live our heart's desires in a way that heals and liberates the world.

If you are looking for a more traditional bio:

I graduated: From Smith College with highest honors in English.

From Yale Divinity School with a Masters in Religion, studying feminist liberation theology with renowned theologian Letty Russell.

From The New Seminary with an ordination as an interfaith minister.

From The Kripalu School of Yoga as a certified yoga teacher.

I’ve published two novels with Bantam Books.

I’ve self-published a collection of my sermons.

I’ve taught thousands and thousands of yoga classes, retreats and workshops.

I’ve officiated at dozens of weddings.

I’ve preached hundreds of sermons.

I’ve served in the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ.

I served countless individuals outside of any tradition as a spiritual counselor, teacher and mentor.

And, I’ve given birth to five children.

Thank you for joining me. Because the only way we're going to change this world is together.