To me, each piece is alive, and weaving itself a kind of magic.

Making each piece a divine original reflects and restores the beautiful individuality of the wearer (or see-er!).

I weave colorfully, texturally, and intuitively with the goal of creating pieces that uplift, bring healing, and draw in the sacred.

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"In SAORI weaving we consider weaving in the following way: it is just like a painter painting a picture or a poet writing a poem. SAORI Weavers weave in search or our true selves which are hidden." Misao Jo from her book Saori, Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving

The basis of my practice of weaving has many names and I am a student of the Saori style of weaving. But before I found any form of weaving, it came to me in a dream.

This dream was rich, detailed and quite directive. It brought to me a weaving that grows out of deep spontaneity, diligent listening to that inner voice, and an abiding love for the Divine Original.

You and I are Divine Originals and so is each unique piece of weaving.

My weaving is grounded in upcycling as I frequently use fabric and repurposed clothing in my pieces as well as incorporating found items, plastic, "trash," paper and other things on their way to the landfill.

Weaving itself is an ancient art, a purposeful practice, a way of making functional clothing and pieces of beauty and delight.

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Wearable Art


Fabric comes as close to us--resting on the skin--as anything in our lives--except our breath. I weave and create clothing inspired by Saori wisdom which means I listen to the cloth.

My handwoven wearable art is unique, tactile, interesting, expressive. I never work from a plan or preconceived vision, always allowing the character of the cloth to inform my weaving.

You can visit my weaving shop to see if there are any pieces available or please reach out to have a piece created according to your colors and dreams--a piece to wear and treasure.

Wall Hangings and Tapestries

nantucket blues tapestry 1

I seek to make wall hangings and tapestries that feel nearly alive in their vitality, color, and texture.

I often use found, discarded or "on the way to the landfill" materials in my pieces and delight in ways to turn our "mess" into something of beauty.

Please visit my weaving shop to see if there are any tapestries available and please reach out for a custom, one-of-a-kind creation. I am always happy to use your found objects and cloth in the tapestry.

Memory Shawls, Scarfs, Tapestries, More

chuppah to memory shawl

It is a deep honor to weave with the clothing of memory. Whether you have clothes of a loved one who has passed or clothes you adore but can no longer use or wear, baby clothes and old blankets or bits and pieces of fabric not used, I can weave them into a new creation--a wall hanging, a shawl, a scarf, really anything you can imagine.

Wrapping yourself up in the fabrics of memory, making good and beautiful use of clothing that otherwise would be stored away, is powerful and poignant. It is a restorative practice and one that brings us closer to the liveliness and beauty of old fabrics and cherished people.

Weaving reverently is the practice in making memory pieces. All of these are by commission. Please reach out and let me know what I can weave for you.

Prayer Stoles, Shawls & Sacred Cloth

prayer stole 1

I weave sacred garments, ceremonial pieces, and prayer shawls and every pass of the shuttle is filled with prayer!

I suppose that makes sense for a minister/long time spiritual teacher/yogi.

It is a joy for me to create one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate the sacred and honor your path. Each is a unique and custom produced.

What can I weave for you?

Share your special items to be woven into a tapestry, shawl, wall hanging, mantle or anything else your heart desires. Or request colors and styles and trust the process! Either way, having a custom piece is a magical and healing experience.

how the light gets in shawl
two sisters shawl 2 on sam