Weave, breathe, write

Having a heart broken–and broken open

By Samantha Wilde | May 8, 2024

Not everyone has the experience of being sleep deprived from having an infant while preparing for a kid’s high school graduation. (And, in my case, everything in between!) My heart is pulled w-i-d-e. But you hardly need my specific situation to have a heart that is pulled in different directions, that is being at once…

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What is the cost of these flowers?

By Samantha Wilde | Apr 17, 2024

What is the cost of these flowers? And what the cost of this scarf? What is the cost of these colors? And what is the cost of my work? “Sam, you are a magician. I know you listen with your inner ears and see with your inner eyes and the result is unlike any other…

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Making the Nantucket Blues

By Samantha Wilde | Apr 9, 2024

In my weaving studio, here with baby #6 helping out when she was just a wee thing, I weave on two different looms, a Saori and a 48” Ashford Rigid Heddle loom to create the signature Nantucket Blues scarves and wraps. Nantucket Blues scarves and wraps are inspired by the fictional store, Nantucket Blues, in…

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Lessons in Failure

By Samantha Wilde | Nov 29, 2022

When my high school mentor passed on, I went to her Celebration of Life. This amazing woman, my English teacher, gave me so much in so many ways over the years I knew her. Clare Nunes was wise, witty, warm, inspirational, delightful, devastatingly funny. I loved her and she loved me. One of my favorite…

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A Playroom Full of Sorrow

By Samantha Wilde | Oct 25, 2022

It took me at least ten minutes to figure out what was happening. I’d gone to the library with my toddler, to the children’s playroom. As is often the case, we found many kids and caregivers. Only that day someone else was in the room, a woman sitting on a computer and typing. She looked…

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Did we just go back to “normal?” Because it’s not working.

By Samantha Wilde | Oct 18, 2022

Do you remember in the beginning of the pandemic how deeply we wanted things to just “go back to normal?” And as certain things did, there was a sense of relief and a return from our exile. A sigh-like feeling of “Yes. This is how it’s supposed to be. I’m back in a giant indoor…

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The Two Letter Word that Changed Everything

By Samantha Wilde | Oct 6, 2022

Sometimes I look for signs. What I hadn’t expected was a sign. An actual sign. A sign on the side of the road. I was down in West Springfield and had gotten myself turned around. While make a U-turn, I saw a beautiful monastery seated up high on the hill. At the bottom, a sign.…

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And then she started screaming, “Stop!”

By Samantha Wilde | Sep 20, 2022

I’d looked down the long hall of the room towards the older children. I wanted them to see something. I had the toddler by the hand, standing directly in front of me. For that brief moment when I called out to the older kids and turned in their direction, the two year old lifted a…

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I lost myself. But did I really need to find myself again?

By Samantha Wilde | Aug 9, 2022

I was in Target staring down at a notebook. I began reading the cover and thinking, “Yes, that makes sense. I’m NOT a ten-dollar bill.” But by the time I got to the bottom of the page I wanted to throw the book across the store. My “true self is right there?!!” Where? Where is…

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