Weave, breathe, write

You feel like something’s missing because it is

By Samantha Wilde | Aug 3, 2021

If I want people to feel uncomfortable, I usually tell them I’m a minister. Once upon a time, this was a popular sort of profession. Harvard, for example, was founded to train ministers. These days, it’s akin to an unsavory body odor. People will put up with it, but they won’t get too close! As…

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Your Yoga Isn’t Working

By Samantha Wilde | Jul 27, 2021

After I lost a baby half way through a pregnancy due to Trisomy 18, grief and devastation overwhelmed me. Though I have had a yoga practice since the age of 9, in the aftermath of that loss, I could barely do a yoga pose. It hurt too much. It literally, physically hurt. It was the…

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My Father Has Died and Now Look What’s Possible

By Samantha Wilde | Jun 22, 2021

It is the summer solstice and my father has recently died. It is a heat-wave. Too uncomfortable during the day for a long walk. The blazing heat, on the longest day, makes me think of fire—which changes everything it touches, either by destruction or transformation. There are many things about my father, but what I…

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Adriene is Not Your Yoga Teacher

By Samantha Wilde | Jun 8, 2021

If you’ve taken a Youtube yoga class, chances are you’ve taken one with Adriene. She has more than nine million subscribers so I’m not here to debate her established, dynamic and impressive popularity only to point out the obvious: she’s not your yoga teacher. I hear the protests rising up. But, you say, I do…

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What Are Mothers For?

By Samantha Wilde | Jun 4, 2021

Many years ago while teaching yoga at a local nursing home, I befriended a wonderful woman in her 96th year. She’d spent her life as a farmer/wife of a farmer deep in the Polish farming community she grew up in. We often spent timing talking together. She took my chair yoga class, knew I was a minister,…

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What are Babies For?

By Samantha Wilde | May 28, 2021

When I received the news thirteen weeks into a pregnancy that the baby I carried had Trisomy 18, the most common of the rare chromosomal abnormalities, and the one dubbed “incompatible with life,” I had to figure out what to do. But this was much more than a logistical problem. It was, in fact, a…

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Yoga is Not Porn

By Samantha Wilde | Apr 13, 2021

On an exploration into the world of TikTok, a place my children and others hip to the modern ways, recommended I take a trip, I discovered something I’ve seen before—but never so much of. I was looking at yoga posts. Because I am a yoga teacher. And that’s what’s interesting to me. But I was…

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The Invitation is Real

By Samantha Wilde | Mar 18, 2021

Okay, here’s the problem with celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King. We forget the Reverend. Why does that matter? In our secular society, us lovely social justice advocates inspired by him to do truly good work in the world, we don’t need to know his theological foundation, do we? It is enough that we call him…

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Not Always A Good Idea to Fall In Egg Yolks

By Samantha Wilde | Mar 8, 2021

Before a yoga class that I hold in my home, I filled an egg carton with a dozen eggs from our chickens. I had a student who buys the eggs so I took the dozen eggs and put them on a wooden bench in our foyer. Then I cleaned the bathroom while the little children…

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