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Creativity. Healing. Vitality. 

I'm honored that people have called on me for spiritual support, care and mentorship for all kinds of needs over the course of more than twenty years. My training and vocational work as a minister, coupled with my creative work as a writer and weaver, and my practice as a yoga teacher and spiritual counselor, form the bedrock of my professional experience.

My practice now focuses on creative mentoring for makers, mothers, artists, writers, free-spirits and those seeking to come more alive in their world and work.

Mentorship is generally an on-going or longer-term relationship. When I work with someone as a mentor, I see myself as a metaphysical midwife. Not unlike the work of a real midwife, I can guide, assist, support, challenge and hold space. My experience in mentoring is that it often, and quite quickly, brings clarity, transformation, peace, healing and joy.

There are many wonderful things about this kind of work. It's quite different than therapy and because of how I work, I generally have time and openings to meet with you when a need arises. Mentorship meetings are usually an hour in length, in person or via the phone (zoom optional) with a fee of $100 per hour. 

Please reach out for a (free) introductory conversation if you are considering mentorship.