What can I help you bring into the world?

When I work with someone as a mentor, I come beside them to support them in giving birth to their heart's desires. As a metaphysical midwife, I connect individuals with their native fertility--the life force inside of them expressed as creativity, abundance, productivity, energy, integrity, richness, fulfillment and connection to Source.

Mentorship is a revolution in how you think about yourself.

I specialize in:

Fertility mentorship

Divorce mentorship

Motherhood mentorship

Spiritual mentorship

Yoga Mentorship

I work expressly to support those seeking a truly fertile life, whether you are going through a passage of physical infertility, struggling with living in our infertile culture, feeling "dead" inside, stuck, unsure of your next direction, a lack of creativity, disconnected from your vibrant healthy sexuality, frustrated in motherhood, or lost spiritually, the encouragement, nurturance and questioning of mentorship bring healing and true transformation.

The guidance we receive in mentorship brings us home to ourselves and to our Source, never away from it, and it offers a space and place where you can bring forth the version of yourself that changes the world.

I have limited openings for mentorship. Please reach out for a (free) introductory conversation.