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Spiritual Care, Support and Mentorship

Just as we need care for our physical bodies, we need care for our spirits.

I offer spiritual support and care to those on all paths. 

I'm honored that people have called on me for spiritual support, care and mentorship for all kinds of needs over the course of more than twenty years.

These needs include: physical healing, emotional healing, recovery from childhood abuse, blessings, ceremonies, memorials, grief work, overcoming stuck places, family building, fertility struggles, marriage difficulties, developing creativity, guidance as a writer, and motherhood projects and problems, among many others.

Mentorship is generally an on-going or longer-term relationship. When I work with someone as a mentor, I come beside them to support them in giving birth to their heart's desires. As a metaphysical midwife, I help connect individuals with their Source. Out of that (re) union comes clarity, transformation, peace, healing and joy.

There are many wonderful things about this kind of work. It's quite different than therapy and because of how I work, I generally have time and openings to meet with you when a need arises. While I do have limited openings for mentorship, I make myself available for spiritual care and support as needed. Mentorship meetings are usually an hour in length, in person or via the phone (zoom optional) with a fee of $80 per hour. Other spiritual care and support is charged differently depending on our work together.*

Please reach out for a (free) introductory conversation if you are considering mentorship.


*An interesting note about expectations around spiritual care and support: much of this kind of work is traditionally done by a priest, pastor, rabbi or the designated leader of a spiritual community. That spiritual community gives towards the cost of having a person to call in in times of need which is why spiritual care then "just happens" or just seems to "be free." If you are working outside of an established community, as I am, sometimes people are surprised to find they would pay for an hour of spiritual counseling or a two hour conversation on how to make it through a difficult time, but in this case we are giving towards the time, skills and work that's offered to us--in the absence of a community that pays a salary.