Making the Nantucket Blues

In my weaving studio, here with baby #6 helping out when she was just a wee thing, I weave on two different looms, a Saori and a 48” Ashford Rigid Heddle loom to create the signature Nantucket Blues scarves and wraps.

Nantucket Blues scarves and wraps are inspired by the fictional store, Nantucket Blues, in my mother, Nancy Thayer’s, latest novel, “The Summer We Started Over.” It’s out soon and you can preorder right here:

We took the whole family over this past Thanksgiving to be with my mother and step-father and to celebrate a big milestone birthday for my mother. In the midst of busy family time and food prep and celebrating, my mother and I had a few moments to talk just with one another. I was able to share with her my weaving work and the dream of how to weave that was propelling it, and then she had an inspiration of her own.

Maybe I could weave a few pieces for her based on the fictional store in her novel. The store is called Nantucket Blues.

Well, I didn’t need to be asked twice!

This is the magic of weaving to me. At every turn there have been invitations, collaborations, inspirations and creations.

Once I finished with the memory shawl made from my friend’s chuppah, I put some blues on the warping board to get ready to weave.These threads went on to become the Nantucket Blues scarf commissioned by my mother. These are rayon chenille threads and created a drapey, soft, fluid piece. I wove into the warp of chenille more chenille in different blues as well as reclaimed cloth and a colorful ribbon.

Then I went on to create a very different piece with a cotton warp and with much more of the upcycled clothing I love to weave into my pieces.

This is the Nantucket Blues wrap and it was woven in an intricate, tapestry style with a variety of fibers and materials. It is detailed and rich, wearable art.

This one is now part of my mother’s giveaway on Facebook! You could enter to win it! Just go here:

She chose to keep the darker scarf, surprising herself because she thought she wanted a robin’s egg blue one!

I’ve found this to be an interesting process in weaving custom pieces. Folks who commission me to weave them a bespoke scarf or wrap often find themselves led to different colors and different styles then they thought!

For me, as the cloth is alive, and each creation is completely original, I truly allow the process to be whatever it is. I do not weave with a pattern or a plan. I do not have an agenda and rarely a driving expectation. In this case, I knew I wanted to weave with blues and I knew I wanted to capture the beauty and magic, the charm and color, of Nantucket Island.

How did I do?

This piece, though I try not to count hours, took at least eight of them! Weaving is decidedly slow fashion, and laying in each piece of fabric, rather than shooting a shuttle back and forth, takes a different kind of time. From threads on a warping board, to a weave getting wet finished, hung to dry and trimmed, the process is a slow unfolding.

In celebration of my mother’s book release, my Nantucket Blues scarves and wraps are 15% off for all her fans! If you haven’t got the code for the discount and you would like to have a signature, one-of-a-kind, Nantucket Blues handwoven piece, make sure to get on my email list! Or reach out to me directly at and I will give it to you!

What I hear from those who purchase my weaving is that each piece has magic and healing in it. What could be better than to be wrapped up in the ocean and the sky? Or to bring the beauty of Nantucket Island with your wherever you go.


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