Ceremonial Stole/Shawl, example

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This is an example of a custom prayer stole. Can you imagine one designed just for you? Picture an exquisite custom ceremonial stole woven in your favorite colors, a unique stole for ritual, ceremony and prayer.

Each one is made custom to express the beauty and uniqueness of the wearer. Stoles can be longer or shorter but generally are made the same width, roughly 8-10″ across.

As a minister, I have long worn a stole for services. Every religious and spiritual tradition has its own ceremonial attire. As with all my weaving, I weave with Spirit, with Love, with prayer and with joy but that is especially so when I weave prayer stoles. You can know that with every dance of the thread, prayer is woven in.

It is my particularly joy to make prayer stoles that represent and embody the sacred feminine.

Shipping is separate. $235 is a ballpark figure. Your stole may be less or more depending on fabric or yarn, time and style. Please contact me and we will create the perfect stole for your needs, wants, desires and prayers!


1 review for Ceremonial Stole/Shawl, example

  1. Janet L Conner

    This prayer stole is holy, sacred, and magical. I’ve had three profound experiences wearing it, showing me clearly that it is alive and guiding me into my own fullness as a prayer artist. Sam, you are a magician. I know you listen with your inner ears and see with your inner eyes and the result is unlike any other artistic creation. I feel deeply honored and blessed to wear your prayer stole, whose name, by the way, is Goddess of Fire Prayer Stole.

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