Nantucket Blues Wrap

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Imagine yourself wrapped up in the wonderful blues of the island of Nantucket. The Nantucket Blues wrap is a generously wide and long wrap made of a variety of blues. The one you see here is sold and offered as an EXAMPLE of what is possible. Your wrap could be a darker blue, more teal, more robin’s egg blue…the sky truly is the limit! (And the ocean!)

This piece is one of wearable art. Woven like a tapestry with inlay, intricacy and rich design, it is a signature piece that stands out.

Nantucket is a fairy tale of an island and I grew up there surrounded by the colors of ocean life. You can easily imagine wrapping yourself in these blues on a sweet summer evening. You will never look like anyone else in this one-of-a-kind piece!

This wrap is a densely woven cotton with gentle texture, intended for the delicate cycle and line drying.

Allow me to make you a signature Nantucket Blues wrap. Please contact me to discuss your piece.


1 review for Nantucket Blues Wrap

  1. Sherri Bowman

    I absolutely love this shawl! The colors are so vibrant. I wrapped this lovely piece around my shoulders and just felt it draw me in. The quality of the work is excellent. Guess everyone can tell…, I am impressed. 💕

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