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For twelve years, Reverend Sam Wilde has been writing about agape or Divine Love. In this collection she shares some of her favorite and most popular articles, sermons and musings on the topic. From teachings on grief to teachings on purpose, healing, mothers and mistakes, the writings illuminate the transformative practice of receiving the love of Great Spirit.

Written to encompass and include people from all faiths and those without faith, the pieces are meditations on a love that isn’t bounded by human constructs or institutions. Since agape is a power that goes beyond labels, names, organizations and denominations, the book appeals to all those on a spiritual path. With a message of total encouragement and compassion, the book brings the reader into a place of knowing her own belovedness.



“Thank you for writing the book. I think it is wonderful, so beautifully written. It expresses so much of what I believe, but expresses it so much better than I ever could…through my connection with you, I began to work out what I really do hold true spiritually.”

“I am 92. I’ve been schooled in religion my whole life. I heard something in your sermon I’ve never heard before. Usually sermons go in the eyes and out the ears when you read them. Not yours. What you said excited me.”

“I am so ecstatic that there is writing like Sam’s. In the world today we're encouraged to pass judgements on other religions, and other people, and her work represents a beacon of hope for those of us who want to connect with people who see things a little differently, become more compassionate, and become more nuanced in our idea of faith in the world. “

“The world is a better place because of you! Just a moment of gratitude and appreciation for your intellect, wisdom, and unending humor.”

Excerpt—from the opening words

“Yoga is a practice. That’s why people take classes over and over again, repeating the exact same postures, breathing patterns and chants. Love is a practice, too. Our spiritual lives require practice—not because we need to create the great All That Is or make God more like Love. God is love. That part’s already done. But we get to work with ourselves, gradually gaining in spiritual wisdom and opening the eyes of our hearts. This is the recognition of divinity held within namste.

I believe that if we were to rest in that place of divinity, we would know we are one already. When we lost sight of our divinity (and isn’t that so much of the time?), that oneness does not go away. When we feel unloveable it does not mean Love is gone. When our faith fails us, it does not mean God is dead. It means we were’s sitting in the space of “namaste.” The eyes of our hearts are closed though our material eyes may be open.
Remember the great teaching of The Little Prince? “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” May this little book help your heart to see.”