Yoga Class Schedule and Teaching Philosophy


Current Weekly Schedule

Vinyasa Class, Tuesday, 5:45-7 p.m.

Luxuriate in a moving, flowing, energizing, healing practice. In person at East Street Yoga Center, 47 East Street, Hadley, Ma Or join via zoom

Morning Wake-Up, Friday, 9-10 a.m.

End your week and begin your weekend with a perfect hour of moving, stretching, breathing and relaxation. In person at East Street Yoga Center, 47 East Street, Hadley OR join via zoom

How (and why) I teach

For me, each yoga class must be alive, relevant, practical, useful and enriching. The yoga I teach is innovative, healing, and accesible.

As a Kripalu trained yoga teacher, I have been offering class instruction in the practice of yoga for more than two decades. During that time I have continued to study in a variety of traditions, always staying close to the heart of Kripalu yoga, a path of listening to ourselves and practicing as a way to wholeness. I have studied with such luminaries as Tao Porchon-Lynch as well as maintaining a lifetime study with my two primary teachers, Sheri Perelman and Maureen McGuire.

My students have ranged from newborn to 107. My early years of teaching brought me to ski resorts, YMCAs, health clubs, nursing homes, retirement residences and college campuses. My personal experiences and professional life as a progressive interfaith minister, mentor, feminist and metaphysical midwife are intricately woven into my teaching. What I have seen time and again in my classes is healing. Yoga is a path way to healing and in that way, a direction forward to a more whole world. 

Of all the yoga teachers Sam is by far the most special and unique teacher of all. Every class is a joy. Her classes have made me laugh, cry, and gain a sense of serenity that is difficult to ever find in every day life.
—Magdalena B.

Sam Wilde is an exceptional teacher. She creates an environment in her classes that is accepting and encouraging.”
—Marie W.

Sam is the best yoga teacher I have had in many ways. She understands what yoga is all about, the physical and the spiritual aspects, and is able to project this to those in her class. She led each class always with a serene and caring attitude, and appreciated the uniqueness of each of her students.-- Linda L