Questions and Answers

Q: I'm not sure I'm ready to do things in a group or attend any events.

A: You don't need to! Membership in the SOOGM means you get to choose when, if and how often you'd like to participate. There is no expectation and you are free to do more or less whenever you like.


Q: I just want to receive your original content, like videos and yoga classes. Can I just do that?

A: Absolutely! Yearly membership in the SOOGM is what signs you up to receive those monthly gifts from me. You don't ever need to do anything else in the Order. You can sign up and enjoy your membership gifts just as they are.


Q: What does it mean that the SOOGM is "in session?"

A: From the 26th of each month until the 3 of the following month, SOOGM is "in session." This is a symbolic way of holding space. The monthly subscriptions will go out on the 27th of each month. Following that is the time when gatherings, events, conversations and so on will be held. From the 27th to the 3th of the next month, the SOOGM will be closed to new memberships. Though we don't have a building and aren't all meeting in person, this is a figurative way of feeling the sense of being gathered as an Order.


Q: Is there a deadline to become a member?

A: The 26th of any given month is the deadline for that month. If you miss that month's deadline, you can become a member starting on the 4th of the next month.


Q: Can I invite friends to SOOGM events?

A: To create the beauty of community and shared knowledge, SOOGM events are only open to SOOGM members. That said, membership is open to others and your friends are most welcome and wanted.


Q: How can I invite friends to join the Order?

A: You can direct them to the website for information and to sign up.


Q: Can we talk about Sacred Order stuff with non-members?

A: The idea behind a sacred/secret order is the playful and powerful feeling that comes from shared knowledge. Of course you'll end up talking to people. The ideal is to hold the "in session" time and the contents of it as a community--to hold that sense of being inside the "walls" of the monastery. This helps to bring us out of ordinary time and ordinary content into the sacred.