Diving-In, Initiation 1


For members of the SOOGM, this supported journey of exploration is designed to bring you into a more vital sense of your life. Carried out over a period of months, with “homework” and mentorship, you’ll take an odyssey into your own experience of the sacred. It includes active mentorship as well as a beautiful, individual and transformative closing ceremony of initiation. What are you initiated into? Into the heart of the Great Mother archetype of course! But what that means is yours to decide, be drawn to and create. There is no standard or expectation as this is a true invitation to a personal odyssey, although expect to feel nurtured, enlivened, surprised and encouraged. Because it is a unique experience for each person, feel free to ask all the questions you want about how it will unfold. If you are ready for deeper, richer, more meaningful in your life, this adventure is for you!



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