“Great Mother” Poncho


Created from a handwoven 19 foot piece of cloth, the Great Mother poncho is a 100% cotton piece of wearable art. A roomy, generous fit makes it a one-size-fits all garment. It has a lovely weight to it that gives it warmth. Made from all cotton yarn and repurposed cotton clothing, it is a purple lovers dream.

The piece is meant for a delicate cycle wash in the washing machine (or feel free to handwash), and line or airdry (though it won’t shrink in a low heat dryer cycle).

Like all my pieces, it is woven intuitively, with love, in the Saori style. “Imperfections” or “mistakes” are considered part of the beauty and organic nature of the cloth, making it truly one of a kind. I always listen to Divine guidance in weaving and this one is inspired by the Great Mother archetype.

Local pick-up and delivery are available. Shipping is a separate cost that will be calculated at the time of purchase. Shipping generally ranges from $15-20.



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