Single Weekly Zoom Class

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Drop-in for a live zoom class, good for a single class: Tuesday Vinyasa, 5:45-6:45/7.


3 reviews for Single Weekly Zoom Class

  1. Holly N Ghazey

    Sam is the teacher who introduced and hooked me into yoga many years ago. As an anxious yoga newbie, I was delighted with how seamlessly she coached me along so I didn’t feel awkward as a rank beginner. She has been my teacher for over ten years now and I deeply appreciate her encouragement, her wisdom and especially her sense of humor. I have never taken a class with Sam in which I haven’t had a good laugh. Sam always asks about injuries or physical conditions that might prevent the full expression of postures and she includes modifications for those who have an injury or pain in their hips, knees, back, shoulders, etc. She also checks in during class to make sure your body is tolerating the stretches. When Covid necessitated Zoom classes I was a reluctant adopter, I mean who wants another zoom at 6pm? However, I have come to realize the benefits of zoom yoga…1) I don’t have to drive over the Coolidge Bridge to Hadley so there is a lot less lead time in getting ready for class, 2) No one can see me if I fall out of a pose or take a little breather in my tiny little zoom window (except of course, Sam), 3) When I’m muted during class, nobody can hear me groan, swear or fart, and 4) I can continue shavasana on my bedroom floor as long as I want at the end of class. Yoga with Sam makes me happy!

  2. Magdalena

    I look forward to every class with Sam! Tuesday is the best day of the week. I find humor, support, love, and pretzel twisting for every body shape and age. No class is ever the same and yet after every class I feel a wonderful sameness in the renewed calmness and strength that propels me through the rest of the week. Thank you Sam!

  3. Julia

    I’ve been going to yoga classes here and there over the last 15 years or so, but Sam is the first yoga instructor I would ever call my teacher. Her classes are, to me, the perfect balance between challenging and relaxing (in particular the Vinyasa class), and Sam has so much knowledge, insight, and humor to give all class long. I am so grateful I found Sam, and I’m supported and honored in her classes every time I attend! And she offers video, zoom, and some live classes are just starting back up outdoors, so there are many ways to access her teachings.

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