Mentorship for Mothers


What is motherhood asking of you? We know it’s hard work. It challenges us physically, emotionally and intellectually at every turn. From the work of bringing a child into the world to the work of releasing them to their own lives, motherhood demands that we grow. We either accept or decline that opportunity. Mentorship for mothers is the place where we see mothering as a spiritual journey–not a greeting card gift, but something that, if we let it, will help us to become the people we most long to be. This isn’t a parent education class. This isn’t about how to raise our children. This is about the art of mothering–how we “raise” up ourselves. Mentorship is the act of being mothered yourself as you learn to connect with and be sustained by the Great Mother. This investment in your mentoring sessions will cover the first two hour-long meeting or two separate hour long meetings. Mothers at every stage are welcome.



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