Spiritual Coaching/Direction Meeting


Gaining a spiritual perspective of ourselves and our lives changes everything. And it’s not easy to do on our own. A spiritual guide, director or coach can support us in seeing what we may not so easily see. Spiritual coaching is a practice of spiritual direction where we go direct to the Source for help, wisdom and answers. While we often think of “spiritual” stuff as impractical, spiritual coaching is an immensely grounded, practical and powerful way of getting a broader sense of ourselves and our challenges. If you are looking to move forward in a new way in your life, are in the middle of time of change, stress or re-evaluation, if you want support moving through a health challenge or simply want to sit in the presence of Source with someone who has been there completely present for you, this empowering, authentic form of coaching will serve you well. It is spiritual counseling–a place of non-judgement, radical acceptance and compassion–with spiritual direction–how to I go forward? What is my next step? What is this moment trying to teach me? This is a 60 minute session. An initial consult with Sam must be completed before purchasing a session. Please make that appointment on the counseling/mentoring page.


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