Yoga is for everyone!

It can change your life.

“Of all the yoga teachers Sam is by far the most special and unique teacher of all. Every class is a joy. Her classes have made me laugh, cry, and gain a sense of serenity that is difficult to ever find in every day life. Sam has truly enriched my life beyond measure. She will always be with me.”

Sam Wilde is an exceptional teacher. She creates an environment in her classes that is accepting and encouraging.”

“Sam is at once irreverent and holy, serious and playful, relaxed and disciplined. I have taken Sam’s classes for thirteen years and through that time have developed a deep connection to breath, chakras, movement and my own divinity – not through her preaching, but her presence. I truly believe she is gifted to bring peace and deeper thinking to those who practice with her, and I am so fortunate to have been her student in my lifetime.” 

“I never felt that I was inadequate because my body was somewhat inflexible or my poses were awkward. Sam makes all her students feel that they are an integral part of her class. Over the years I have grown in strength and flexibility and have deepened my understandings of yoga. I love being your student.”

Sam taught me that yoga is a practice and there is no perfect pose. She taught me to recognize the strengths you have in your body and not to focus on the weaknesses. Her gentle way of pushing us to recognize that we are stronger than we think, helped me to feel confidence that my body could do poses I would never think I could! She brings yoga to life with a sense of humor and a spiritual lens. As a teacher she has given me the gift of yoga that I practice in my daily life. --Lillian

Classes were very calming and helped with my physical and mental balance and flexibility. She has been a unique and wonderful teacher with her caring, encouraging, and humorous style – always accepting the limitations of her students.   --Sarah

Sam is the best yoga teacher I have had in many ways. She understands what yoga is all about, the physical and the spiritual aspects, and is able to project this to those in her class. She led each class always with a serene and caring attitude, and appreciated the uniqueness of each of her students.-- Linda

I invite you to practice with me. Whatever is happening with your body, with your mind, with your heart, with your life.

Yoga isn’t for the flexible. Or the calm.

Or those in the right clothes.

Yoga is for people.





Read some of the testimonials and see what a gift yoga has been in the life of my students, just as it has been a gift given to me by my teachers. The brilliance of the yoga path is that includes everything. It is exercise, but more than that. Mindfulness, but more than that. Prayer, but more than that. Recovery, but more than that. Therapy but more than that. And anyone can do it.

I tell my students, if you are breathing, you can practice yoga. I’ve been honored to teach some who are paralyzed from the waist down and those in the dementia wing of a nursing home. I've taught varsity athletes, school-aged children, babies, mothers, men, young adults, seniors and ordinary people who do not feel they “can do yoga.” My youngest student was a newborn, my oldest 106. Because yoga works with the whole system, you as a whole person, it facilitates physical strength, emotional healing, and mental clarity. Sounds like too much? Come practice for an hour and see!

I began practicing at nine years old. After graduating from Divinity School, I attended the Kripalu School of Yoga and received my teaching certification. Even before that training, I was teaching yoga, partly when I would tutor teenagers, as a way to ground them. I’ve been teaching for more than two decades. That makes a difference. Because yoga is a kind of language, the more you practice and teach it, the more it becomes second nature. In fact, in the Kripalu tradition, the goal of yoga is not advanced poses or really long meditations or perfect alignment. The ultimate goal is prana sadhana-- which means spontaneous poses and practice emerging. Getting in touch with your body, learning to love it, and making a space for yourself in your life, these are all parts of the yoga tradition that empower us in the modern world to live on purpose.

*STUDIO CLASSES: at East Street Yoga Center, 47 East Street, Hadley. Front barn, second floor. Only fully-vaccinated students in the studio, please. Masks worn at all times and 6 foot distance maintained.

  There are so many ways to join me in yoga. 

  • Zoom group classes
  • Private instruction
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Mentorship for yoga teachers and students 
  • Online library of downloadable classes

I've taught many of my students for almost twenty years! There is nothing like that unique connection between yoga student and teacher. I am committed to my students and love the devotion and commitment yoga has brought to their lives. 

The thing about yoga, like most gifts, is that you need to unwrap it and use it! That means, signing up, showing up, starting up, putting our feet on the ground and beginning. This is the perfect moment to begin or begin again. In fact, it is the only moment to begin.

One of the richest, most unique and powerful practices I offer for students and yoga teachers alike, is mentorship. Following a more ancient model of relationship, in which you receive support and guidance, direct instruction and a dynamic exchange, yoga becomes the diving board for powerful healing and transformation. I've worked with those who come for support healing from an injury, from loss or change, or working to overcome a way of living that no longer serves them. We use the framework of yoga to engage healing on all the levels. Whereas in therapy we deal with the mind, words and thought, or in spiritual community we talk about the heart and soul, and in yoga class we challenge and support the body, yoga mentorships addresses all of these parts and all at the same time to bring us into an experience of true health. If you feel called to this work, don't hesitate to talk to me. A conversation is the simple beginning.