Rose Wrap


The Rose Wrap is an elegant, richly detailed wrap that fits effortlessly over the shoulders with a little turn of the material, a loop-enclosure and a beautiful glass button. A statement piece, it is warm and formal as well as playful. It drapes beautifully though fair warning to those who do not like wool, it DOES HAVE WOOL in it. The black threads in the weft have wool and have a wool texture to them.

Can you picture yourself in your favorite black dress with the Rose Wrap draped around you? This signature, one-of-a-kind piece will be a statement, a talking piece and a true original wherever you go.

The wrap can be worn open, closed or on the shoulders. This is a piece full of LOVE.

It is woven on a recycled cotton warp with mixed fiber weft including wool, upcycled clothing, and repurposed yarn.

The price INCLUDES SHIPPING, to the contiguous US.




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