Altar Cloths, fire, earth, air, water or sunrise


Altar cloths are made especially to bless your space and each piece is woven with prayer and consecrated for you. Use for a home altar, a sacred corner of your place, as a table runner or to hold precious photographs and treasured items.

Choose from FIRE, WATER, EARTH OR AIR. Fire altar cloths are in shades of orange, purple, red and gold. Water cloths woven in greens, white and blues. Earth altar cloths are blue, brown, with sparks of green. Air altar cloths are in various shades of blue and white, or choose SUNRISE/SUNSET for peaches, pinks, purples and yellows.


Each cloth has been woven spontaneously and intuitively and each receives a special blessing of prayer from me.

Custom pieces are available if there is another color combination you would like or a different size.

Sizes are:

15X20, SWEET LITTLE, $77

15X24, SMALL, $88

15X27, MEDIUM, $99

15X30, LONG, $109

SHIPPING IS $8-10 varying with location. Separate shipping charge for outside of contiguous US.

There is some natural variation in both width and length of 1/4-1/2 of an inch.

Each piece is woven with recycled or new warp yarn in cotton and a mix of new and reclaimed yarns, ribbons and cloth in the weft.



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