Patchwork Heart


Intricately handwoven patches are machine and hand sewn together to form a patchwork heart of many colors, with breaks and mends that strengthen it and make it all the more beautiful and real.

These little hearts measure roughly 8X15 and come on a braided hanging cord. Each heart could easily be framed.

The hearts are created first through handweaving. The handwoven fabric is then cut and stitched together. Details of hand-stitching, fabric patchwork and embroidery are added. Last the little heart is ironed and a backing added before the hanging cord is attached.

By request, I can make a patchwork heart for you in any color or combination of colors. If you do not see the colors you like here, please email me at and put in a request for your specific heart.

Each heart is absolutely unique, completely intuitively woven and spontaneously created with much listening and attentiveness to the Divine voice! Know that you will be getting a heart meant for your heart!

The price DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Shipping charges are calculated after purchase and generally range from $6-10 depending on your location.



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